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Julian Lennon is offering an NFT collection

Julian Lennon offers Beatles memorabilia as an NFT collection. A review by a Bitcoin mixer: mixer.money
Julian Lennon is offering an NFT collection

  1. What items are included in the collection?
  2. Why NFTs?
  3. The Beatles are in the spotlight again

NFTs are non-interchangeable tokens that provide proof of ownership. They initially became popular in art and gaming, but their opportunities go far beyond these areas.
Many celebrities and brands have issued their own tokens offering virtual items and collectibles. John Lennon’s son Julian has also joined the movement. This week fans can purchase NFTs from a personal collection of Julian Lennon.

What items are included in the collection?

The gem of the collection is the notes for “Hey Jude” handwritten by Sir Paul McCartney. The song’s original title was “Hey Jules,” and it was written by McCartney to support little Julian when his parents got divorced. Later the name in the title was changed to “Jude”. According to experts, the item will sell for at least $60,000.

Handwritten notes for “Hey Jude”

Julian has also offered a coat that his father wore in the “Magical Mystery Tour” movie and three Gibson guitars he got from John.

John Lennon’s coat from the “Magical Mystery Tour” movie

Почему Why NFTs?

Julian says that he could not part with the actual items and has decided to offer them to fans as NFTs. He adds that he has been collecting these items for generations to come. The 58-year-old musician has not married yet but hopes to have a family one day.
His motivation was to share his stories with fans which inspired Julian to write about his connection with each of the items.

Julian says that the one who really got him to understand the NFT concept was Sean, John Lennon’s younger son, who is known as an ardent advocate of Bitcoin. According to Sean, crypto empowers people giving them entirely new opportunities. Julian’s idea to participate in the auction was supported both by Sean and Sir Paul McCartney.

The new project brought Julian and Sean together — the two brothers talked for the first time in a while.

Julian himself does not own any crypto but says that he is curious about the opportunities it provides. He was also interested in some of the items offered for auction.

The Beatles are in the spotlight again

A documentary series titled “The Beatles: Get Back,” was released in November. In this movie, director Peter Jackson gave fans a glimpse into the band’s creative process. Julian Lennon watched the movie with Sean and Stella McCartney, Paul’s daughter. All three of them were blown away with the opportunity to observe the relationship between the band members.

According to Julian, both he and his brother were nervous to see the movie at first. However, he says that in the end “it really, really made me love [John Lennon] again in a different way than before, because I was able to see him as I knew him as a child when we all used to live together. And to see him working and just creating with the boys again, with the Beatles again — and it was so— it just brought me back to you know happier times back in the day as a kid. It was good to see him being silly, and being cheeky, and all the things we know and love him for. So it was a very special moment.”

Julian and Sean.

Julian adds that he is working on a new album that he plans to release this year, and that will also be tied in with the Beatles auction. The funds raised from the auction will be donated to The White Feather Foundation, which addresses environmental and humanitarian issues. The auction is held via Julien’s Auctions and NFT marketplace YellowHeart. Bidding will continue until 1 p.m. EST on February 7.

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